About the Club

Rossvale FC was founded in 1976, by John Grey, The name was taken from Rossie Crescent, and Vale Walk

The Clubs colours of red/yellow and black were specifically chosen for two main reasons, first John Grey was a Partick Thistle supporter, secondly, and sadly, it was done to stay away from blue and green, to  avoid any associations with Celtic or Rangers. This is followed through at training, where the players wear training kit; given out by the Club to stop them wearing strips that could cause conflict. This also prevents situations where players who do not have a great deal of money dress the same as those who do. The ethos of the Club is that the players are there to play for Rossvale, and to actively promote the mixing of young people from different backgrounds 



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Rossvale FC 2008 Alba

Rossvale alba 2008 from bishopbriggs east dunbartonshire who play in first division  in the central league .

Rossvale Women’s 1st Team

Girls welcome pack